Starting the business since 1981, PT. Primatama Conceptindo Abadi is one of the top leading carpet distributor in Indonesia and one of the most competent and trustworthy. 

As a distributor company for renowned carpet producers from all over the world,

PT. Primatama Conceptindo Abadi made it possible for Indonesian consumers to gain access towards a wide variety of quality products and thus meeting their interior design needs - be it of a grand scale for office buildings and hotels, or individual apartments. 

And in this era of globalization, PT. Primatama Conceptindo Abadi has proven to be able to place itself as a national carpet distributor company with an international standard of quality.

Address: Bukit Duri Plaza Block B 29-31 Jl. Jatinegara Barat 54E, Jakarta - 13320

P. 021 857 1180, 850 5010,

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